Jamshid Alamuti

CEO and Co-Founder, Pi School

Jamshid Alamuti is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pi School, a next-generation model of education that combines technology and creativity and applies them to innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Jamshid has worked and lived in a number of countries, getting involved in a wide range of professional activities, from arts to business, education and personal development. In early 2017, Jamshid moved to Italy to launch Pi School together with a co-founder.

Jamshid is known as an expert in strategy development and implementation, C-suite advisory, leadership program development, communication strategy, major group moderation, team building concepts, team-leading methods, vision realization, designing and leading transformation and developing talents for organizations.

He is a disrupter, a catalyst, and a creative leader. A born communicator, Alamuti has a multifaceted nature and a special ability to bring people together. He has been developing consultancy services, curating and delivering talks and workshops all around the world, empowering entrepreneurs and companies that want to integrate innovation and technology into their corporate identity and inspiring professionals to further challenge and develop themselves.